I'm Lottie,

Welcome to the world of Organic Ritual Beauty and ORB Retreat!


I'm a professional beauty therapist, multi award-winning salon owner, product formulator, & all round natural beauty nerd.

My mission is to create the highly effective and luxurious products that professionals require, without harming the environment. Creating indulgent, results-driven and earth-conscious products and treatments for professional therapists, exclusive salon use and for clients at home is my biggest passion. 

I have worked with natural products for majority of my beauty career (which is longer than I'd like to admit!), but always felt a little frustrated. 

So much in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to natural products, is a little 'same-y'. 

Our salon is a little different, with cool yet calming decor, relaxed background music rather than whale music, super stylish uniforms and highly trained professionals who take a real interest in you, our client.

My motto is that 'you can't serve from an empty vessel' - taking the time out from busy schedules to restore from the outside in, and give something back to yourself should be a necessity. It restores you mentally, emotionally and physically and results in a calmer, more tolerant, less stressed version of ourselves that the rest of the world sees. We strive to provide you with the perfect haven and stunning award winning natural beauty treatments that will leave you glowing from the outside in. 

So many natural products are just 'nice', rather than results-driven, and as a professional beauty salon we need to be offering not only luxurious, deliciously fragranced products, but the fabulous results to go with them.

In the first lockdown, I took the opportunity to study in formulation of natural skincare and absolutely loved it.


I've always loved making concoctions - from a young age I would make mixtures for my long-suffering family. Maybe one day they'll let me live down 'tic tac juice'!

I hasten to add, much more science, thought, development and hygiene goes into my product development now, but perhaps all of this is what I was destined for! 

So whether you are visiting us as a client to our retreat, professional stockist of our products, or even looking for a career with us, I cannot wait to hear from you and get to know you. 

Best wishes,

Lottie x 

Natural beauty nerd

Multi-award winning salon owner

Organic Ritual Beauty founder & formulator